SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — During the 53rd annual World Economic Forum, held from Jan. 16-20 in Davos, Switzerland, JBS Global Chief Executive Officer Gilberto Tomazoni shared his belief that the way to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is to support small producers.

"We need to focus on supporting farmers, with knowledge sharing and access to credit to make the transition to more sustainable production,” Tomazoni said during the “Why Lands Matter” panel discussion. “This way, they will be able to produce more, be more efficient, while applying existing technology."

The JBS Fund for the Amazon exists to provide technical and financial support to local projects seeking sustainable development of the Amazon. It focuses on both environmental preservation and socioeconomic growth initiatives, which Tomazoni believes are essential for climate solutions.

Tomazoni urged for further cooperation from the government, non-profits, and financial and production sectors to build on climate solution progress.

"If we work collectively to support farmers, we can produce more, reduce emissions and protect our natural resources," he said.

Brazil implements sustainable and regenerative practices, such as the recovery of degraded pastures.

"In a single area, you can increase food production by 10 times and still capture more carbon from the atmosphere. Imagine how this could benefit a producer's income," Tomazoni said.

By providing financial support to farmers, Tomazoni said the same practices can be replicated in other areas.

“Today, less than 2% of the funds dedicated to tackling climate change go to this sector of the population,” he said. “We urgently need to change this."