CHICAGO – The Better Meat Co. announced on Dec. 20 a joint development agreement with Maple Leaf Foods subsidiary, Greenleaf Foods SPC, the parent company of Lightlife and Field Roast brands.

The companies plan to work together on alternative proteins using The Better Meat Co.’s Rhiza mycoprotein ingredient.

“Rhiza mycoprotein is a versatile ingredient for use both as a meat enhancer and meat replacer,” said Doni Curkendall, executive vice president of operations at The Better Meat Co. “Greenleaf Foods’ expertise in all things protein makes them a stellar partner to showcase this powerful ingredient that will help build an even more sustainable protein industry.”

Production of the protein occurs with fermentation at the Better Meat headquarters. The company said when Rhiza mycoprotein is used in plant-based meat analogs along with conventional animal protein, it can help enhance texture, increase yields and improve nutritional benefits while boosting sustainability goals.

“We are looking forward to working with The Better Meat Co. as we continue exploring alternative protein ingredients to allow us to further diversify our portfolio of delicious, sustainably produced plant-based food,” said Jitendra Sagili, chief R&D and food technology officer at Greenleaf Foods.

Sagili added that the Greenleaf lineup includes 50 plant-based items with more opportunities to innovate with The Better Meat Co. 

‍Paul Shapiro, chief executive officer of The Better Meat Co., was a guest on the MEAT+POULTRY podcast in October 2020, where he talked about working in the blended meat business.