MOORESVILLE, NC. — A recent study from Midan Marketing, a meat industry research agency, reveals consumers’ top priorities when shopping for beef. Fielded in April 2022, the survey questioned participants across the nation on their perceptions of 28 different product attributes.

“Recent data from Mintel shows that 81% of American consumers eat beef,” said Bridget Wasser, associate director of customer insights at Midan. “We know that consumers are seeking out several attributes when shopping for beef, so we set out to determine which claims are most impactful. This data provides incredible insights to our industry partners, and we’re excited to share our findings.”

Of that 81%, nearly three in four Americans can’t imagine giving up the taste of beef, according to the study. Data from Brightfield Group of a drop in plant-based alternatives supports Midan’s finding. The financial group noted the number of consumers purchasing plant-based sausage and fish alternatives fell 17% in the second quarter 2022.

Midan also noted a demand for high-quality meats in particular. According to the study, 62% of Americans will spend the extra buck to purchase premium beef.

Most consumers are looking for more than just quality though. They want to know the meat they’re consuming has been ethically sourced. Over two-thirds choose to purchase beef with production claims — such as grass-fed or carbon neutral — at least some of the time, the study said.

“We weren’t surprised to find that price continues to be a major consideration for many shoppers when they buy beef,” Wasser said. “However, the sheer volume of data we collected means that we can tailor insights to any size retailer or processor, uncovering consumer expectations beyond price. We can validate current strategies or shed new light on which claims motivate a particular group of shoppers.”