DES MOINES, IOWA — In partnership with the American Meat Science Association (AMSA), Midan Marketing has created the Patrick Fleming Mentor Recognition Fund, a $25,000 scholarship for meat science graduate students going into the pork industry.

The fund recognizes Patrick Fleming, brand specialist for Midan Marketing. Fleming has numerous accomplishments in the pork industry including the establishment of the Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards (URMIS), an initiative to make the pork industry more accessible for consumers.

Fleming has also spent much of his career mentoring and providing feedback to pork producers to create a higher standard of quality in the industry.

“Patrick has dedicated his entire career to championing the cause of pork producers across the US, and his legacy will be felt for years to come,” said Michael Uetz, co-principal of Midan Marketing. “He has an exceptional knowledge of the pork industry and a vision that continually challenges the status quo. We are honored to have him on our team at Midan, and I consider it a privilege to have worked with him over the years.”