DECATUR, ARK. – Cooks Venture and Food In Depth (FoodID) have partnered to roll out a verified “No Antibiotics Ever” product claim. The US Department of Agriculture-approved label will assure customers the antibiotic-free claims on the chicken they buy are backed by scientific testing. FoodID has provided rigorous and regular on-site testing at Cooks Venture since March 2020 — ensuring its no antibiotics labels are verified and transparent. Cooks Venture believes in its commitment to regenerative agriculture practices and breeding heritage and heirloom birds that have better health than conventional livestock.

Cook Venture’s pasture-raised chicken products sold in the United States will feature FoodID’s “No Antibiotics Ever” tested labels rolling out immediately as part of the program.

“In partnering with FoodID, Cooks Venture has independent, scientifically verified data to prove that our claims are what we say they are,” said Matthew Wadiak, Cooks Venture’s chief executive officer and founder. “We never use antibiotics, and our chickens are 100% Non-GMO. Animal agriculture accounts for over 70% of total antibiotic use in the country and leads directly to antibiotic resistance in people. We’ve taken the initiative to validate our work so our customers can be confident in our claims and know they are eating nutritious, high-quality meat from a verified source.”

A QR code on the label provides full transparency on drug families examined, the testing statistics to date, and additional Cooks Venture-specific testing data. Cooks Venture’s FoodID report is published monthly and is available on FoodID’s website and in the near future, on the QR code.

FoodID has developed testing solutions that identify seven drug families representing many common antibiotics and adulterants administered via feed and water during poultry production.

“No person should have to question a label’s claims on their food packaging,” said Kevin Lo, CEO of FoodID. “That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with Cooks Venture. Integrity, quality, and transparency are core to their mission.”