NEW YORK – Savory indulgence is the theme of Schaller & Weber’s holiday offerings, available from the New York-based retail butcher shop and e-commerce site that features specialty German and Northern European foods. For its holiday lineup, Schaller & Weber partnered with a small-batch purveyor of truffles, The Truffleist, also based in New York to promote seasonal items that include premium bratwursts, foie gras and pâté.

The collaboration is behind The Truffleist Truffle Brats, which are a blend of seasoned pork bolstered with 2% black winter truffles. Available in 12-oz packages of four for $15.99, the brats can be purchased for shipment nationwide from the Schaller & Weber website, at its brick-and-mortar shop on the Upper East Side or at The Truffleist’s holiday booth in New York’s Bryant Winter Village, where they are served ready to eat, on a pretzel bun with truffle cheese sauce, mustard and tapenade.

Appealing to gourmet-minded customers, the companies are also offering the Schaller & Weber Mousse de Foie Gras with Black Truffles, described as “a new take on the classic Mousse de Foie Gras, with the addition of bold black truffles delivering a little bit of luxury to your festive pâté plate.” A 4-oz chub of the product retails for $14.99.

Also available as part of the holiday offering and available year-round, is the Schaller & Weber Pâté with Truffles, using S&W’s Gold Medal pâté as a base and complemented by black truffles. This item is marketed as an all-natural option containing no added nitrates also priced at $14.99 for each 4-oz unit.

The company is offering the specialty items for the holidays, while supplies last.