Note: This podcast was originally published on June 17.

KANSAS CITY, MO. – While the pet food industry and meat and poultry processing industry are not mirror images of each other operationally, there are enough similarities to consider them kissing cousins at the very least. With companies such as Cargill, Pilgrim’s Pride, Simmons Foods and Tyson Foods all dedicating considerable resources and raw materials to the pet food and pet treat segment, the overlap in the two industry segments is the premise for this week’s MEAT+POULTRY podcast. 

About three years ago, after recognizing the meteoric growth in the US pet products industry, which is estimated at $100 billion with pet food and treats making up more than 40% of those revenues, Sosland Publishing, parent company of MEAT+POULTRY, launched Pet Food Processing in 2018 with Jennifer Semple as its editor. The new publication filled an information void in the industry by focusing its coverage on food safety issues, processing and ingredient technologies and consumer trends in pet food and pet treat production. 

In this week’s podcast, Semple discussed the genesis of the magazine, its growth in the past four years and the similarities between pet food processing and traditional meat and poultry processing, not only in their operations but in how their products reflect the evolving markets they serve. She also discussed trends in the industry, how COVID-19 impacted the industry and her reflections after touring many plants where pet food and treats are manufactured. 

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