KANSAS CITY, MO.- As 2021 comes to a close, one of the critical areas of the meat industry that continues to be a topic of conversation is sustainability.

More trade groups and corporations have made moves this year to state their intentions on global sustainable development.

For this episode of the MEAT+POULTRY podcast, Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, director of AgNext at Colorado State Univ., discussed sustainability from multiple angles of the industry.  

In the last year, Stackhouse-Lawson took over the newly created research center that focuses on advancing animal agriculture and how to expand sustainable practices in the meat industry. 

Before accepting this position, Stackhouse-Lawson worked for four years as JBS USA’s sustainability director. During this podcast, she shares her perspective of working at JBS and improving practices at one of the largest meat companies in the US. 

Later, Stackhouse-Lawson explains the traits she looks for in a sustainable livestock system and in food systems in general. She also goes through some of her background on her career journey and why she feels like this is the place to achieve the greatest impact.

For more information on AgNext visit their website here.  


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