WACO, TEXAS – The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 540 announced that unionized workers at the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plant in Waco, Texas, agreed to a three-year contract.

The union said part of the agreement included a pay increase of up to $4 per hour. Overtime pay will also start after an employee works more than nine hours per day rather than after a 40-hour week threshold. UFCW said it was one of the highest pay raises in plant history.

In July, 400 workers at the Waco plant voted to be represented by the union. 

“Just four months after choosing to unionize, these hardworking men and women are achieving results that will help them support their families, build strong careers and inspire many more Texans to stand up for the good pay and benefits they have earned,” said Johnny Rodriguez, president of the UFCW local 540.

A union worker safety committee was also created at the facility with union members meeting with other Pilgrim’s Pride management to discuss workplace safety. In January, the roof caved in at the facility which killed one contract worker and injured two other workers.

Another stipulation of the contract is to offer workers more job promotion opportunities. UFCW said this new open bidding process will enable employees to apply for vacancies and prioritizes seniority and qualifications.