WACO, TEXAS – According to information released by the Texas AFL-CIO, workers at the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plant in Waco, Texas, voted to be represented by a union.

Leonard Aguilar, secretary of the Texas AFL-CIO, expressed his support for the decision.

“Your overwhelming vote will definitely make your lives better through higher wages, benefits, and a voice on the job,” Aguilar said. “More than that, your courage and your solidarity will inspire workers across this state to stand up for their rights, too.”

The poultry plant in Waco employs about 400 workers.

Aguilar said that Pilgrim’s Pride did not interfere or intimidate the union drive and labor law reform from Congress would make this possible for millions of workers in the United States.

Pilgrim’s Pride, a JBS USA subsidiary, did not respond to comment when this was published.