SYDNEY — Impossible Foods has taken another key step in its international expansion with the announcement it is now offering its flagship product, Impossible Beef Made From Plants (known as Impossible Burger in other markets) in Auckland, New Zealand, the greater Sydney area, and nationwide across Australia at Grill’d.

In addition to Australia and New Zealand, Impossible Foods’ products are available in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand, Australia and New Zealand’s regulatory body, earlier this year approved Impossible Foods’ key ingredient, heme (soy leghemoglobin), for use in plant-based meat products. The ingredient has been approved for sale in every market that has completed its regulatory review, Impossible Foods said.

“Our launches in Australia and New Zealand are another huge step towards bringing delicious, sustainable options to every market in the world,” said Dennis Woodside, president of Redwood City, Calif.-based Impossible Foods. “Both countries are home to some of the most devoted meat-eaters on earth, and we know consumers there are going to love Impossible Beef.”