DENVER – The US Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB) introduced additional sustainability modules for companies that work in the US processing and packing industry. These modules are the fourth set in the series aimed at supporting actions that improve the sustainability of operations and businesses in the US beef value chain. 

“The packer/processor modules were developed with input from industry members to specifically address the needs of the sector and to put sustainability concepts into real-world terms for practical implementation,” said Paula Alexander, animal welfare manager at Tyson Foods. “We’re excited to implement these modules at Tyson and encourage packer/processor managers and employees to participate in the modules to assess their role in beef industry sustainability and to add value for their customers.”

The modules, which are based on the US Beef Industry Sustainability Framework, were built to identify area for continuous improvement in the supply chain. 

This series will incorporate the USRSB self-assessment tool around key indicators and three levels of metrics to help industry people recognize areas where they excel and offer solutions in the areas which need improvement. 

The on-demand series is free to access and can be taken more than once. It is available at

USRSB also has the cow-calf/stocker/backgrounder, feedyard and auction market modules, which were the first sets developed and are currently available. The final set of sustainability modules for retail/foodservice are scheduled to be completed in late this year.