Allen Brothers Natural, by Niman Ranch, is the first natural, fresh beef program offered by Chefs' Warehouse.

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. – Chef’s Warehouse Inc. has announced a co-branding partnership between its subsidiary, Allen Brothers, based in Chicago and Northglenn, Colorado-based Niman Ranch. The partnership will offer  foodservice and retail customers a “natural fresh beef program” for Chefs’ Warehouse, nationally expanding the distribution of Niman Ranch’s sustainably raised products. The new product line, Allen Brothers All Natural Meats by Niman Ranch, is available through Chefs’ Warehouse and will include fresh, upper Choice and Prime Angus beef products.

Chefs’ Warehouse, part of United Natural Foods Inc., Providence, Rhode Island, acquired Michael’s Finer Meats in 2012 followed by the acquisition by Allen Brothers in 2013 and Del Monte Meat Co. in 2015. According to the company, Niman Ranch is “a community of more than 720 independent family farmers and ranchers who raise livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably,”

Jeff Tripician, general manager of Niman Ranch said, “This partnership to expand with Chefs’ Warehouse is a natural fit and allows us to offer a wide assortment of prepared natural meats and fresh upper choice and prime natural Angus Beef.”

“We have built our business distributing the finest products in the world to the top chefs in the country. Our relationships stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. It is no surprise that Niman Ranch is our first-ever co-branded product to expand the excellence and strengthen this commitment,” said John DeBenedetti, executive vice president of protein with Allen Brothers and Chefs’ Warehouse. “The country’s leading steakhouses have built their reputation upon the quality and consistency of Allen Brothers and Niman Ranch meats – two value-based organizations.”