OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada announced a program that will compensate 4,800 chicken, turkey and egg farmers experiencing market impacts from the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

The Poultry and Egg On-Farm Investment Program will provide close to C$630 million over 10 years to support poultry and egg farmers through on-farm investments, including up to C$122.1 million for the Prairies, the agency said. Eligible projects include new barn construction or equipment upgrades such as feeding, watering, lighting, ventilation, heating, and comfort systems that will promote energy efficiency and reduce environmental footprint. The Canadian government will contribute up to 70% of the project cost, a ratio increasing to up to 85% for young farmers.

Funding will be allocated as follows:

  • C$347.3 million for chicken producers, which industry estimates will total up to C$60.7 million for the Prairies;
  • C$59.6 million for turkey producers, which industry estimates will total up to C$11.5 million for the Prairies;
  • C$134 million for egg producers, which industry estimates will total up to C$32.5 million for the Prairies; and,
  • C$88.6 million for broiler hatching egg producers, which industry estimates will total up to C$17.4 million for the Prairies.

A second initiative, the Market Development Program for Turkey and Chicken, will help national industry organizations to promote the country’s chicken and turkey products. The program will provide C$36.5 million for the Turkey Farmers of Canada and C$25 million for the Chicken Farmers of Canada over 10 years.

Jim Carr, Special Representative for the Prairies, said, “The federal government is committed to supporting Prairie farm families, so they can succeed today and for future generations. These two programs deliver on the promise our government made for full and fair compensation and are designed in direct response to industry demands. These compensation packages were an important part of the historic trade deal we struck with our Pacific trading partners, that has already been hugely beneficial to our export reliant agricultural industries.”

Chicken, broiler hatching eggs, turkey, and eggs are managed supply sectors in Canadian agriculture that generated C$4.9 billion in farm cash receipts in 2020, including $988.4 million in farm cash receipts for the Prairies, according to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.