WASHINGTON – The North American Meat Institute (NAMI) and the National Pork Board announced plans to sponsor a new online tournament called Deli Dinner Showdown to wind down National Deli Meat Month in March.

The bracket event will feature TikTok chef and nutrition influencers who share ways deli meats can be presented and consumed other than traditional lunch and sandwich products.

"The Deli Dinner Showdown encourages fans to think outside the confines of the sandwich, and to create delicious dinners featuring deli meats," said Eric Mittenthal, vice president of sustainability for NAMI. "It's amazing how versatile deli meats and other prepared beef and pork products can be."

The Food Renegades, a division of The Digital Renegades, a digital marketing agency and a chef alliance, will partner with NAMI and NPB on the contestants that will face off in the competition. Interested parties will have the chance to win $100 for correctly predicting the winning bracket.

"No matter how you slice it, there are so many choices to tempt taste buds all month long," said Chris Jones, director of market strategy at the National Pork Board. "We can't wait to see the deli meat creations that the contestants prepare."

More contest information can be found here.