FRANKFORT, KY. – Farmstead Butcher Block LLC announced it would be investing $1.2 million to build a new meat processing facility in Central City, Ky., that is expected to create 25 jobs.

The company said construction is underway on the 5-acre site with plans to process cattle, hogs, lamb, chicken, turkey and deer on a seasonal basis. There are still three existing buildings that Farmstead will utilize that were built by the previous owner, Oxford Mining. Cattle, hog and lamb will be the primary focus on the plant at the beginning of operations with poultry and deer processing starting up in the fall.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to be starting this business in Muhlenberg County,” said Clifford Welch, owner of Farmstead Butcher Block. “We’re looking forward to becoming a source for quality, locally sourced meat as well as providing jobs to the area. Local and neighboring residents, along with state and local governments, have all offered overwhelming support for this project.”

Farmstead Butcher Block said the facility will include a harvest floor, a rail system for moving carcasses and processing equipment.

The company plans to process meats for surrounding counties in Kentucky as well as Ohio.

A performance-based tax incentive was provided to Farmstead Butcher Block by the Kentucky Economic Finance Authority. The $375,000 tax incentive for the project is based on creating 25 permanent jobs and paying workers an average hourly wage of $22 including benefits.