GREELEY, COLO. – JBS USA and Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. announced on Feb. 28 that around 8,500 workers in eight states would be given the opportunity for COVID-19 vaccines.

The company said it had been working closely with state officials, local health departments and union partners to urge vaccination of the essential employees at the plants.

JBS and Pilgrim’s said that the vaccine will be available for people working at or near the following plants: Beardstown, Ill.; Booneville, Miss.; Cactus, Texas; Grand Island, Neb.; Greeley, Colo.; Hyrum, Utah; Lufkin, Texas; Marshalltown, Iowa; and Moorefield, WV.

Some locations will execute large scale vaccinations on site while others will be available for company employees at local health departments. Quantities and process will vary by location.

“We have been focused on doing everything we can to prioritize our essential workforce in state vaccination plans across the country,” said Andre Nogueira, chief executive officer, JBS USA. “Our role is to be flexible in helping our team members and local officials in the communities where we operate. Whether that includes shutting down a facility to execute a mass vaccination or providing paid time off, incentives and facilitating transportation for our workforce to get where they need to go to get their vaccine, we’re committed to ensuring they have every opportunity possible to be vaccinated.”

The company said it plans to assist with vaccination efforts by using JBS occupational health staff, coordinating logistics and partnering with third-party health groups.

On Jan. 21, the company announced it would also pay a $100 bonus to employees of JBS USA and Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. who voluntarily receive a vaccine. JBS USA and Pilgrim’s have implemented worker safety protocols and interventions over the past year to protect employees, an investment it claims has totaled more than $200 million.