GUYMON, OKLA. – Seaboard Foods, a subsidiary of Seaboard Corp., announced on Dec. 15 that it will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Guymon, Okla., pork processing plant throughout 2021. 

The facility started its first full year of operations in 1996. To commemorate the date, Seaboard said it will distribute anniversary holiday gift boxes to all employees, decorate the facilities with special edition anniversary banners and hold other activities throughout the year.

“From a startup operation in the early 1990s in the Oklahoma panhandle, the company began building farms to supply the 780,000-square-foot Guymon pork processing plant that started its first year of operations in January 1996,” Seaboard said in statement. “Today, more than 3,300 employees work at the Guymon processing plant or on farms in the Oklahoma panhandle and the neighboring Texas panhandle and southwest Kansas, with a national footprint operating in five states with more than 5,400 employees.”

The company annually produces more than 1.3 billion lbs of pork out of the Guymon plant. 

Seaboard said it raises 7.1 million pigs on its farms in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Colorado and Iowa and processes 5.6 million market hogs annually at the Guymon plant, which recently completed a major expansion.