LONDON – The British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) announced on Aug. 31 that it will launch a website to promote the sustainability of British meat. details the origins of the United Kingdom’s meat. The website details how the country follows high sustainability standards and improves quality, traceability and eco-friendliness of food production.  

BMPA is promoting the website to serve as a resource to consumers with information on meat and how it is produced.

“Most people rely on information in the media to help them make their diet and lifestyle choices. But not all that information is correct. In fact, some of it is quite misleading,” said Nick Allen, chief executive officer of the BMPA. “It’s become very difficult to navigate the confusing and often contradictory opinions, pseudo-science and genuine science in the media that are currently shaping ordinary people’s choices about what they should and shouldn’t be eating.”

BMPA added that the website would focus on food security and future trade deals with the United Kingdom and other countries.