Creamy Buffalo ranch-filled breaded chicken poppers, pepper jack chorizo sausage bites, and turkey mushroom meatballs in stroganoff sauce are examples of prepared meat and poultry products that include dairy ingredients for flavor adventure. The challenge is that using standard cheese, cream and even butter is not always economically or functionally realistic. Formulators often rely on dairy concentrates, flavors and powders in conjunction with “real dairy” to lower costs and improve performance, such as restricted melt, piece identify, less burn off and better flavor.

DFA Ingredient Solutions, a division of Dairy Farmers of America, Kansas City, Kan., recently launched an e-commerce store for small food manufacturers and startups to order smaller quantities of dairy ingredients for product innovation. The new platform features dairy-based ingredients, including DairiConcepts seasoning blends, specialty powders and concentrated pastes, which were previously only available in large quantities for industrial production. Manufacturers can now purchase as little as 50-lb bags of specialty powders and seasoning blends, and a 45-lb box of the concentrated pastes.

“We receive many requests from small food manufacturers for specialty ingredients that deliver flavor and texture benefits associated with dairy into their products,” said Carol Willenbring, vice president, marketing and research and development for ingredient solutions. “Our response to these inquiries was to develop an online experience to give these companies access to the same, highly rated dairy ingredients that leading brands and larger food manufacturers have come to expect from us.”

Setting up an account with DFA Ingredient Solutions is easy. Simply visit, where users will verify their business and create an account. Once verified, products are available for purchase with a credit card. Preferred shipping methods are available, including overnight, two-day and standard ground.

Made from dairy, these ingredients allow for made-from-real-dairy claims. Options are available to assist with achieving clean-label declarations, such certified organic, non-GMO and rBST free.