OAKLAND, CALIF. – The stakeholders of Belcampo Meat Co. have a vision for a reinvented meat industry. As part of that vision, and in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the company announced it is expanding its network of ranching partners to include small-scale farms and make them part of Belcampo’s organic, sustainable livestock supply chain. Marketed as a pioneer of hyper-sustainable producer of organic, grass-fed-and-finished meat products and broths sourced from animals raised on certified humane farms, Belcampo is partnering with a new group of farmers in Northern California with a goal of enacting widespread change and helping to “fix the way meat is produced in America.”

Anya Fenald, co-founder and chief executive officer, said the pandemic has exposed opportunities to improve the current system of meat production.

“The health crisis of the past few months has shown us the ways in which our meat supply system is in need of transformation,” Fenald said. “We’re actively working to create positive change in this industry that’s struggling to adapt and pivot by working with a network of smaller-scale partner farms to increase the accessibility of humane, organic and regenerative farmed meat that consumers are actively seeking to support their own wellness and health.”

James Rickert, Belcampo’s farm and procurement director is working directly with family owned ranching operations by providing education and the tools they need to transition to producers of humanely raised, certified organic and sustainable operations. Once part of Belcampo’s network, the partners’s products are marketed and sold to the company’s customers through its established businesses channels, which include foodservice, retail and direct-to-consumer.

 “We’ve grown our partner farm program from the ground up in Northern California organically through the grassroots farming community, as many ranchers in our area became aware of our mission and wanted to invest in their farms’ futures,” Rickert said. “Together, we’re looking forward to building a new supply chain of sustainability-raised meat produced with humane, organic practices and expanding the program across the country.”

Currently, Belcampo’s livestock are raised, slaughtered and processed on 25,000 acres of its own US Department of Agriculture Certified Organic farms and inspected facilities in California as well as from a limited number of farmers in its partner farm program. The company is expanding its retail presence with new lines of consumer packaged goods that include premium beef, poultry, lamb, poultry, bone broths, eggs and snacks.