GAINESVILLE, GA. – Cantrell Gainco Group, a US-based manufacturer of yield enhancement and yield tracking systems and other equipment for poultry operations, announced it has entered into a partnership agreement with ProSpection Solutions LLC. Cantrell Gainco Group is now the exclusive North American poultry market distributor of the ProSpection Solutions LLC product line.
“We are extremely happy to be partnering with Jeff Youngs and ProSpection Solutions to bring this exciting technology and equipment to our customers,” said Sid Adkins, vice president of sales, marketing and service operations for Cantrell Gainco Group. “The timing could not be better to offer highly effective low-density detection technology capable of detecting hard and soft plastics, wood, paper, fabric, hairnets, gloves and other foreign matter.”

The ProSpection Solutions equipment line includes foreign material inspection systems for detecting low-density foreign matter. ProSpection offers the Eliminator Grinder that can remove foreign material during the grinding process, as well as a rollstock inspection system to inspect and ensure seal and label integrity on packaged products. 
“ProSpection equipment complements our existing product offerings of X-ray and metal detection equipment,” Adkins said. “Together we offer our customers the most complete detection solutions available on the market today.”
Cantrell Gainco Group, formed in 2019, when Cantrell Machine Company and Gainco Inc. merged as an integrated manufacturing company.