WASHINGTON – Meat snack maker Ayoba-Yo is set to reveal a fresh new look at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, next week.

Ayoba-Yo, which makes South African biltong and droëwors, upgraded the brand’s packaging following a complete revamp of colors, designs and graphic elements. The new packs also include additional health callouts such as grass-fed beef, sugar free, gluten free, 31 grams of protein, Paleo Certified, and Whole 30 Approved. Expo West attendees will be able to see the new packaging in Kraft Heinz’s Springboard booth.

“In our redesign, it was essential that our new look represented the four pillars of our brand, which are premium, authentic, delicious and healthy,” said Adam Palmer, marketing director of Ayoba-Yo.

Biltong originated from the South African tradition of air-drying meat. Beef is marinated in traditional ingredients including salt, pepper, ground coriander and vinegar which add flavor and act as curing agents. The meat is then air-dried and can be sliced into strips or formed into sticks called droëwors. Biltong is never cooked.

“We are thrilled to join the Whole30 family and separate ourselves from the other Biltong brands by being the only premium Biltong in the US that is Paleo and Keto Certified as well as Whole30 Approved,” said Wian van Blommestein, co-founder of Ayoba-Yo.