AUSTIN, MINN. — In order to help families balance their desire to eat well while watching their wallet, Hormel Foods is partnering with Patricia M. Bannan, a registered dietition, to create the "Shop Smart, Live Well: Value Without Compromise" guide. This reference book is designed to help retail shoppers find healthy and affordable food options.

A recent Hormel survey reveals 39% of Americans said their main focus is on buying healthy, well-balanced meals for themselves and their families. However, 74% feel the need to cut back on purchasing certain food items, such as all-natural foods and fresh produce, in order to save money.

"Grocery shopping can be a real challenge when you're trying to buy wholesome foods for a good value," Ms. Bannan said. "But it’s easy to find nutritious, great-tasting and, above all, affordable products once you know where to look and how to save. Our new Hormel Natural Choice ‘Shop Smart, Live Well’ guide helps families do just that by teaching them how to sharpen and smarten their grocery shopping game."