WASHINGTON – Chicken export quantities in October increased 2.8% and the value increased 7.4% when compared with October 2009, according to the National Chicken Council.

Chicken exports for October totaled 345,091 metric tons valued at $368.93 million compared with year earlier exports of 335,650 tons valued at $343.56 million. All three subcategories within chicken experienced increases in quantity and value. Broiler parts were 323,797 tons valued at $328.47 million, an increase of 1.8% in quantity and an increase of 6.2% in value. Whole chicken exports were up 33.0% in quantity and up 32.1% in value, while prepared chicken and sausages exports rose 5.0% in quantity and 11.8% in value when this October is compared with October 2009.

During January-October 2010, chicken exports totaled 2,838,757 metric tons valued at $3,063.81 million compared with 3,124,356 tons valued at $3,244.29 million, a 9.1% decrease in tonnage. Broiler parts for the first 10 months of this year were 2,658,907 tons valued at $2,723.05 million, 9.3% less than the 2,930,633 tons during January-October 2009 and 5.8% below the $2,891.96 million year ago. While whole chicken exports were off 8.2% in quantity and 9.0% in value, prepared chicken and sausages declined 5.3% in quantity but were up 0.3% in value.

Russia continued to be the top broiler parts market in October this year with an impressive 95,560 tons valued at $84.46 million, gains of 21.7% in quantity and 6.0% in value. Hong Kong and Mexico followed as the second- and third-largest parts markets with both countries registering increases in quantities and values.