TEL AVIV, Israel — Redefine Meat announced on Sept. 11 that it raised $6 million to develop an alternative-meat 3D printer that will be released in 2020. Investors in the endeavor include CPT Capital, Hanaco Ventures and Germany poultry company, The PHW Group.

Founded in 2018, Redefine Meat is attempting to find sustainable meat production technologies that are an alternative to the traditional processing.

The company said it uses a semi-industrial 3D printing and meat modeling system. Redefine Meat’s plant-based alternative printing will enable distributors and retailers to design the characteristics of their meat to cater for seasonality, demand changes and consumers preferences.

"Our goal is not just to develop a new food product, but to introduce a new technology for developing, producing and scaling alt-meat products,” said Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, co-founder and CEO at Redefine Meat. “We have already successfully printed great products for multiple foodie events, and over the coming 12 months, we will take the technology to the next level where we expect to make a huge impact on the meat market and the future of our planet.

According to Redefine Meat, its product will have a 95 percent less environmental impact than animal meat, no cholesterol, and is cost-effective.

"Redefine Meat is a great fit with our portfolio of companies that are working to replace animals in the food supply chain," said Costa Yiannoulis, the CPT Capital Investment Director and new director of the Redefine Meat Board. "We are excited to partner with a company that leverages decades of digital printing experience to offer a fresh look at the way that meat will be produced."