TORONTO – Field Roast Grain Meat Co., a unit of Maple Leaf Foods under Greenleaf Foods SPC, announced a new partnership with Canadian pizza chain Pizza Pizza. The two designed the ‘Super Plant Pizza’ which features plant-based Mexican chipotle sausage from Field Roast.

The product is made from grains, smoked chipotle peppers, sweet onions, chopped garlic, apple cider vinegar, cumin seed, oregano and Chili de Arbol. The rest of the pizza features Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and is topped with plant-based pepperoni.

“When dining out, plant-based options can seem less exciting, but we’re quickly changing that experience,” said Dan Curtin, president of Greenleaf Foods, SPC. “Now Pizza Pizza consumers don’t have to sacrifice taste because we’re bringing innovative and delicious plant-based options to the menu. We are always looking for ways to introduce more people to plant-based eating. Teaming up with Pizza Pizza will allow us to deliver our high-quality, artisanal products in new ways.”

The Mexican chipotle sausage can be purchased in retail locations and natural food stores in Canada.