MINNEAPOLIS – Mighty Spark, an independent food company in Minnesota, announced new consumer-friendly packaging that is used for its all-natural poultry products. The packaging features transparent film with clear callouts of trusted product attributes, illustrations of each protein type and modern typography.

Mighty Spark's new minimal design eliminates excessive plastic packaging. It has a vacuum-sealed film with approximately 90 percent less plastic compared to most modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) trays.

“We’re excited to provide consumers with our all-natural poultry in more sustainable packaging,” said Nick Beste, Mighty Spark founder and CEO. “Our minimal packaging design will allow for more people to discover just how easy it is to give back.”

An additional aspect of Mighty Spark’s mission as a business is giving back meals to people in need. The company donated more than 3 million meals since it started and asked consumers to donate meals as well. Mighty Spark expects to give 2,360,000 meals in 2019 or one meal every 13 seconds. The meals are donated to Kids Against Hunger and Children’s Hunger Fund. 

Mighty Spark products are available nationwide at select retailers including Publix, Safeway, Stop & Shop, Target, Fresh Thyme, Hannaford, Cub Foods, Lunds & Byerlys and more.