ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – After flooding of the Missouri River resulted in mandatory evacuation of the area around the Triumph Foods pork processing plant, officials with the company announced the suspension of operations at the facility March 22 but resumed production on its second shift on March 23, after the evacuation order was lifted. An unspecified number of volunteers began reporting to the plant in the afternoon to assist in resuming slaughter and fabrication operation on March 23. Normal operations were expected to ramp up subsequently.

Along the Missouri River this past week, water levels rose but slowly declined over the weekend. In Nebraska, a disaster declaration was declared due to a severe winter storm, straight-line winds and flooding.

“We want to thank our dedicated staff members who voluntarily participated in the evacuation shutdown protocols and re-commencement efforts,” said Stephen McFarland, Triumph’s general plant manager. “We are a resilient enterprise with hard-working, committed employees. As we return to a normal schedule of operations, we remain committed to fulfill our customers’ needs, ensure sustainable work for our employees and support our local community.”

The company said it will continue to provide updates as needed.