WASHINGTON – Culver Duck Farms Inc., of Middlebury, Indiana, became the most recent meat producer to receive certification under the American Humane Certified program.

The program requires companies adhere to standards created by an independent scientific advisory committee and are based on the Five Freedoms which address issues such as air quality, adequate space, lighting, temperature, food and humane treatment. Culver Duck met those standards and agreed to undergo yearly audits by independent auditors to ensure correct implementation of program standards.

“This certification demonstrates that our commitment to excellence in animal care goes beyond words in a mission statement, it’s how we do business every single day,” said John Metzger, president of Culver Duck. “We welcome American Humane’s high standards and science-based approach to animal welfare. Quality animal care and continuous improvement are key components of responsible and ethical food production, which is important to all of us at Culver Duck and to our customers.”

Robin Ganzert, Ph.D., American Humane president and CEO, said, “As an American Humane Certified™ producer, Culver Duck helps assure consumers that their food was raised humanely under the science and evidence-based protections established by American Humane. We applaud them for their commitment to animal welfare and excitedly welcome them into the program.”