SCHULENBURG, Texas — Monogram Foods is putting its pet treat production facility back on the market after unexpectedly losing its only customer for the second time since late 2017. The plant was previously available for sale in July 2018 after losing its biggest customer, but production continued in October 2018 when a major grocery chain signed a multi-year contract with the company to co-pack pet treats at the facility. However, due to market challenges, the contract with that grocery chain has since fallen through. Monogram announced it had ceased production at the plant March 4, 2019, and plans to sell it. As a pet food processor, the plant was previously operated as a US Food and Drug Administration-inspected facility. In the announcement of the closure, the company pointed out the plant could easily be converted to a US Dept. of Agriculture-compliant operation.

Karl Schledwitz, CEO of Monogram, said, “We made good products consistently and safely with our highly capable Schulenburg workforce. If Monogram cannot stay, we would love to see someone take advantage of this great production opportunity by acquiring it.”

The company has offered workers employment and relocation assistance at any of Monogram’s eight other food processing plants across the US. The pet treat plant employed less than 100 people.