COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — FoodMaven, based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, announced on Jan. 14 that it acquired Anderson Boneless Beef.

Anderson, which is also based in Colorado, produces beef for 400 customers in the foodservice, hospitality and grocery industries. FoodMaven sells local and oversupplied food from distributors, manufacturers and producers to foodservice buyers at a discount.

“This is our first acquisition, and a big milestone for FoodMaven,” said Patrick Bultema, FoodMaven founder and CEO. “Not only will we grow our company size, but we’ll be able to process oversupplied proteins which is key for our mission of ensuring all food gets used with good purpose.”

FoodMaven also said that it can make custom cuts of meat and process otherwise lost meat for further redistribution.

“Joining FoodMaven gives Anderson Boneless Beef the opportunity to be part of something bigger,” said Charlie Tan, founder and CEO of Anderson Boneless Beef. “FoodMaven’s mission is so important, and we’re all excited to be part of it.”

Tan will continue on as a consultant for three months with FoodMaven and then remain in an advisory role after that.

The company said it will add 35 Anderson employees to the current FoodMaven workforce and expects minimal disruption in both businesses during the transition.