MILTON KEYNES, England – To keep up with the growing demand for high-pressure processing (HPP) among meat companies in the UK, Deli 24 announced it has doubled its capacity to provide the technology with a $2.3 million investment in a third large-volume machine. Beginning in December 2018, the company began operating a new 420-liter HPP machine manufactured by Hiperbaric. The new equipment supplements the capacity of the HPP tolling company’s two other machines, which include another 420-liter system and a 135-liter machine, all located at Deli 24’s 58,000-sq.-ft., dedicated plant. 

Deli 24 started its business in 2010, providing food-safety services using a single, 135-liter machine before adding the 420-liter machine four years later. The addition of the latest equipment is in response to the adoption of the technology by a diverse variety of food companies.

“We have seen a substantial growth in the number of products which are benefitting from the considerable advantages afforded by HPP,” said Jeff Winter, managing director with Deli 24. “In addition to a wide range of meat products, it can be used for juices, cheese, fish, ready meals, vegetables and pet food.”

Deli 24 HPP 2

More companies are realizing the value of outsourcing the HPP process to extend shelf life and control pathogen growth.

“We offer a contract service to companies across the globe,” said Paul Winter, director at Deli 24. “Some countries are more accustomed to the benefits of HPP than others, but we are seeing growth in both domestic and export activities.”

The demand increase is the result of existing customers adding HPP to more of their product lines in addition to new customers being introduced to the proven technology.

“This investment in another machine has been made to allow us to meet this increase in demand,” Paul Winter said.