WICHITA, Kan. – As part of a campaign commemorating the 25th anniversary of its foodservice-focused Tasty-N-Tender (TNT) brand of burgers, Cargill is promoting its Simply Classic burger, which was recently added to the product line. The newest patty, which was recognized with the American Culinary ChefsBest Excellence Award in 2017 is marketed to foodservice operators as a clean-label option with a “streamlined list of seven recognizable ingredients,” including: beef, water, mustard, salt, beef fat, black pepper and natural flavor.     

According to Cargill, approximately 500 million TNT patties have been sold at foodservice outlets in the past 25 years, including the brand’s signature Original frozen, seasoned beef patty, an 11-time American Culinary ChefsBest Excellence Award recipient.

According to Cargill, “These award-winning patties give our foodservice customers a product they can trust; a juicy, flavorful, consistently performing burger with superior texture.”

The TNT brand is one of Cargill’s five foodservice patty lines, which include: JJ’s Tavern, Cedar Canyon, Maverick and the turkey-based Beyond Beef burgers.