WASHINGTON – For 2011, broiler exports by major countries are forecasted by the US Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service to be 8,954,000 metric tons, 3.3% above the 8,666,000 tons estimated for 2010, according to the “Livestock and Poultry: World Markets and Trade” report issued last week.

If world broiler exports do reach 8,954,000 tons next year, it would be a record-high level and would represent a 36.7% increase over the 6,552,000 tons in 2006, according to the Oct. 15 issue of the National Chicken Council’s Washington Report.

Brazil is expected to be the leading broiler exporter again in 2011 with 3,450,000 tons, 38.5% of total global exports and 3.0% ahead of the 3,350,000 tons estimated for Brazilian exports this year. U.S. broiler exports are expected to be 3,016,000 tons in 2011, a 2.8% increase over the 2,935,000 tons this year, NCC relays.

The US, the second-largest broiler exporter, is estimated to account for 33.9% of the world total in 2010 and 33.7% in 2011.

The US and Brazil both have “ample supplies and market access” to satisfy rising imports to Russia, the Middle East and a number of markets in Asia, FAS said. It added the strongest import growth is expected in Russia where the US is expected to fill the tariff rate quota.

In 2011, world broiler production in major countries is also expected to increase with FAS forecasting 76,209,000 tons for next year, 2.4% above the 74,406,000 tons estimated for 2010. If production is 76,209,000 tons in 2011, it would be a 18.2% increase over the 64,496,000 tons in 2006.

The US is the leading world producer accounting for 21.8% of total world production with US broiler production expected to reach 16,637,000 tons in 2011. China is forecast to produce 13,000,000 tons of broilers, 17.1% of the world total, followed by Brazil with 11,750,000 tons, 15.4% of the global production, and the European Union with 9,000,000 tons in 2011, 11.8% of the world total.