WASHINGTON – For 2011, broiler exports by major countries are predicted to total 8,913,000 metric tons, 1.4 percent above he 8,793,000 tons in 2010, according to this month’s “Livestock and Poultry: World Markets and Trade” report from USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).

This year, Brazil is predicted to export 3,310,000 metric tons of broilers and will again be the world’s largest broiler exporter, followed by the United States with 2,971,000 tons. If total world broiler exports amount to 8,913,000 tons in 2011, this would represent a 20.8 percent increase over the 7,381,000 tons in 2007, explained the April 15 edition of the National Chicken Council’s Washington Report.

FAS’ latest forecasts for 2011 for Brazilian and U.S. broilers were reduced when compared to its previous forecast of October 2010. The report relayed US exports were revised lower primarily on the reduced tariff rate quota for Russia and market access issues in China. European Union, China and Thailand exports were forecast to be higher than before this report since some Asian markets, particularly Japan and Vietnam, have experienced increased demand.

Global broiler imports may total 7,989,000 tons in 2011, little changed from the 7,999,000 tons in 2010. This year Japan is expected to be the largest broiler importer with 820,000 tons followed by Saudi Arabia with 720,000 tons, and the EU-27 with 675,000 tons. Russia is expected to import 375,000 tons of broilers in 2011, 25,000 tons above Russia’s tariff rate quota (TRQ) for this year, NCC concluded.