The company is offering the product to many locations across the Midwest.
VACAVILLE, Calif. — Barbacoa Sabor, a brand of Blend LLC, announced its Original Recipe Beef Jerky will be available in participating Costco locations in the Midwest.  

Barbacoa Sabor uses 100 percent premium beef that is soaked in several different Mexican spices and is gluten free. The jerky is marinated by hand instead of automation to ensure the ingredients are spread evenly. The company also uses the barbacoa method by cooking meat slowly over an open fire or underground covered with maguey or banana leaves.

"With the rise and popularity of Mexican flavors and high protein meat snacks, it was only natural that we create a unique line of jerky with distinct, yet recognizable, Mexican tastes that can be enjoyed by anyone," said David Ngo, vice president of sales at Blend LLC. "It all starts with sourcing premium meats from the US and using only quality ingredients from Mexico." 

The jerky is available at several Costcos in the following states: Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri, Kentucky, South Dakota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.