Scott Weisberg, chief people officer of Wendy's, plans to leave the company in the first quarter of 2018.
DUBLIN, Ohio — Scott Weisberg, chief people officer of The Wendy’s Co., plans to leave the company in the first quarter of 2018. After a transition period, Coley O’Brien, current vice president of human resources, will succeed Weisberg in the role and join Wendy’s senior leadership team.

“Scott Weisberg has been an architect of the growth and success of our organization over the last five years,” said Todd Penegor, president and CEO of Wendy’s. “He was one of the first people hired by former CEO Emil Brolick as the company embarked on the brand transformation that has resulted in multiple years of same restaurant sales growth, a highly relevant consumer-facing brand and an employee and franchise community that is stronger and more engaged than ever. We are grateful for Scott’s many contributions to that success, particularly the development of more sophisticated people capabilities and processes that have been critical to our growth.”

Coley O'Brien, vice president of human resources for Wendy's

O’Brien joined Wendy’s in 2007 as national director of operations training and has been promoted through operations and human resources leadership roles over the past 10 years. Prior to joining Wendy’s, he was director of retail training at Sears Holdings Corp.

“I am highly confident in our succession plans and will be pleased to welcome Coley O'Brien to my leadership team next year,” Penegor said. “Coley has played an integral role in key initiatives such as system optimization with the successful transfer of talent and organizational capability as the company refranchised the majority of its restaurants. His leadership of our field operations training organization has transformed and modernized our learning systems, delivering customized programs for the 250,000 Wendy’s crew members, managers and multi-unit operators who bring the Wendy’s vision to life every day for customers in more than 6,500 restaurants.”

Wendy’s expects Weisberg will remain with the company through March 2018 and that O’Brien will assume the chief people officer role in early 2018.