Fall Scoop
US Foods is launching its Fall Scoop 2017 lineup with the theme "Make It Yours."
— US Foods is launching its Fall Scoop 2017 lineup with the theme “Make It Yours.” The 26-product line features new twists on global cuisine created in tandem with Chef Marcus Samuelsson, versatile offerings and time-saving options.


Stacie Sopinka, vice president of product development and innovation for US Foods

“One of the most essential ingredients to succeeding in the restaurant industry is finding the perfect balance of products that not only inspire menus but offer easy alternatives, time savings and profit drivers,” said Stacie Sopinka, vice-president of product development and innovation, US Foods. “For Fall Scoop, we partnered with Marcus to create a line that gives operators the inspiration they need to empower their success.” 

The new global cuisine

 Six of US Foods’ new Fall Scoop products were developed in collaboration with Chef Marcus Samuelsson, an award-winning chef, author and independent restaurateur, “to inspire the next wave of global cuisine,” the company said.

 “Together, US Foods and Chef Samuelsson developed six products that showcase Chef Samuelsson’s culinary expertise and highlight his re-imagined American soul food concept,” US Foods said. “The products are inspired by Chef Samuelsson’s Ethiopian and Swedish heritage and his roots in Harlem, New York.”

US Foods
The new Patuxent Farms Uptown Par-Fried Chicken Thigh, inspired by Mr. Samuelsson’s Yard Bird Chicken from Red Rooster Harlem, is a cross between traditional fried chicken and world cuisine. The product combines the crunch of southern breading, along with buttermilk, coconut milk and a touch of Berbere seasoning.


US Foods
The new Monarch Addis Style Spice Blend, inspired by the traditional Ethiopian Berbere spice blends, factors in cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and chile de árbol. It may be used as a rub for meats, poultry and fish, and as a seasoning for stews, soups, grains and vegetables.

Versatility rules

Sixty-three percent of restaurant operators are concerned with managing food costs, US Foods said, and 38 percent believe maximizing ingredients is one of the top ways to keep such costs low. To cater to this demand, US Foods’ Fall Scoop 2017 features a variety of products that offer versatility in a range of dishes.

US Foods
For example, the new Patuxent Farms Pepper Bacon Sausage is a smoky, peppery pork sausage that may be sliced and served or crumbled into dishes, US Foods said.

Time savers

US Foods is also offering time-saving options “that provide invaluable back-of-house shortcuts that keep time and effort in the kitchen low,” the company said. For example, new Patuxent Farms All Natural Chicken Breast Slices are pre-cut, contain 15 percent marination and have a year-long shelf life.