KANSAS CITY — Cleaner meat innovation is trending, with new meat and poultry product launches featuring such claims as sugar-free, organic, non-GMO, humanely-raised, free-range and antibiotic- and hormone-free.

Applegate, a subsidiary of Hormel Foods, is introducing Applegate Naturals No Sugar Bacon. The humanely raised, hickory smoked bacon is gluten-free and casein free.

"With a growing demand for sugar-free options, we're excited to deliver a bacon that supports the needs of those looking to reduce their sugar intake, while upholding Applegate values – making products with humanely-raised meats and simple ingredients," said Nicole Glenn, vice president of marketing for Applegate. "Providing worry-free meats people want to eat is vital to us and this new bacon is a product we're proud to offer."

Columbus Craft Meats is launching a line of pre-sliced, uncured antibiotic-free salami made without added nitrates or nitrites. The salami is available in three varieties: Uncured Italian Dry Salami, Uncured Genoa Salami and Uncured Pepperoni.

"Unrivaled quality has made us the fastest growing brand in the deli meat category," said Joe Ennen, CEO of Columbus Craft Meats. "For the past 100 years, we've been stubborn about not changing the recipes of our products, but one of the changes we are making is converting to meat from animals raised without antibiotics. It's the right thing to do."

Niman Ranch is offering new Certified Humane prosciutto made with pork that is coated in Sicilian sea salt to cure and aged for more than a year. The prosciutto is available in several new products, including three snack pack varieties alongside genoa salami, mozzarella cheese and taralli, as well as in a lunch kit named Gourmet Provisions. 

“We developed this line to honor the time and care our farmers put into raising the animals,” said Jeff Tripician, general manager of Niman Ranch. “The age-old process of dry curing high-quality product intensifies the flavor of our heritage breed pork and results in exceptional flavor.”

Coleman Natural Foods is launching a new line of clean label meat products, including organic offerings that are free-range and non-GMO The new products include Coleman Natural ready-to-eat burgers made with USDA choice beef, Coleman Natural chicken sausages, Coleman Organic chicken hot dogs and Coleman Natural Applewood-smoked and maple-smoked bacons.

“When consumers pick up Coleman Natural Foods products, they get everything they want, including taste, quality, variety and convenience, plus the confidence they are making a good decision for themselves and their families,” said Gail McWilliam, a marketing vice president for Perdue Foods, parent company of Coleman Natural Foods. “Coleman Natural Foods’ new and expanded products meet all those expectations, and with the trust that comes from a brand that helped create the no-antibiotics-ever category a generation ago.”

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