Melvin Burns, Moo Nay Farms
Melvin Burns is offering a reward of 5 lbs. of bacon to recover tools that were stolen from his farm. (photo: Moo Nay Farms)
Melvin Burns, owner of Moo Nay Farms in Crooks Brooks, Nova Scotia, is offering a reward of 5 lbs. of bacon for tips leading to the recovery of power tools that were stolen from his farm.

In a Facebook post, Burns explained that someone broke into his barn and stole an 18-volt Dewalt driver and charger; a 20-volt Dewalt grinder and driver, two 20-volt chargers, a drill, a Mastercraft socket set and one Pittsburgh socket set. The tools are valued at about $1,000.

“We work hard to keep our animals alive and safe, these tools help us do that…please consider our animals, their fences, shelters and all the things we need these tools for…” Burns wrote.
And instead of wanting to punish the thieves, he offered money in return for labor.

“…offer your labour, offer your time constructively…it can earn you money, respect and a future in the community as opposed to behind bars…Young people I know it’s tough out there, community has not prepared you to contribute effectively before the age you want to have stuff, in my day we had paper routes, mowed lawns, picked berries, stacked wood, helped neighbors and built skills...please contact me if you need help...I will offer you much for free and better things to do with your time, and that’s no bull.”

The tool theft wasn’t the first incident at the farm. In June, someone stole pigs and hens from Burns’ property.

A GoFundMe page was started to help Moo Nay Farms recover from the thefts.