NEW YORK — HBO and Barnes & Noble will host a special event on Jan. 25, featuring a book signing and discussion with Temple Grandin, best-selling author, animal scientist, long-time columnist for MEAT&POULTRY magazine and autism advocate.

The event will take place at 1:00 p.m. at the Upper East Side Barnes & Noble in Manhattan. It will include a preview from HBO Films’ biopic, “Temple Grandin,” which will be broadcast for the first time Feb. 6 on HBO.

Starring Claire Danes in the title role, “Temple Grandin” paints a picture of a young woman’s perseverance and determination while struggling with the isolating challenges of autism at a time when it was still quite unknown. The film chronicles Ms. Grandin’s early diagnosis; her turbulent growth and development during her school years; and her emergence as a woman with an innate sensitivity and understanding of animal behavior.

Ms. Grandin became an extraordinary international success by using her unique connection to animals to become a doctor in animal sciences and a world-renowned consultant in the field. She is also a best-selling author and internationally renowned autism advocate.

The film’s executive producer is Emily Gerson Saines, co-founder of the Autism Coalition and an active member of the autism community. Ms. Gerson Saines’ son was diagnosed with autism when he was nearly three. She was given Ms. Grandin’s book “Thinking in Pictures” by her own mother, which helped Ms. Gerson Saines maneuver through very difficult early years and eventually became her inspiration for the film.

She recalls, “When I read Temple’s book it became my singular source of hope. It allowed me to believe that my son could one day contribute something to society.”