Dinnerly recently launched a line of meal kits for the cost-conscious consumer.
Marley Spoon Inc. aims to make meal kits more accessible with Dinnerly.
NEW YORK – Global meal kit company Marley Spoon Inc. has announced the launch of Dinnerly, a cost-conscious and affordable meal kit offering designed with 30-minute weeknight cooking in mind. Pre-portioned ingredients and digital recipe cards at $5 per serving help customers to cook satisfying and affordable meals during the week without the fuss.


According to Nielsen’s research from March 2017, 46 percent of consumers said they would be more likely to purchase a meal kit if it were less expensive. Dinnerly meal kits are designed for adults aged 25-55, a demographic that represents a generation of Americans who earn less than their parents but work longer hours.

Dinnerly offerings include fresh pre-portioned ingredients, grass-fed ground beef and antibiotic-free chicken and simple recipes focused on ease of preparation. Recipes can be accessed online or downloaded and printed.


Harissa chicken from Dinnerly meal kit
The weekly menu includes classic dishes such as pan-roasted chicken with potatoes and spinach.


Weekly menus include classic dishes to suit adults and children such as Spaghetti and Spicy Sausage Meatballs, Cheesy Chipotle Beef Tacos, Pan Roasted Chicken with Potatoes and Spinach, and Pepper Jack Turkey Burgers with Caramelized Onions and Sweet Potato Fries.

“Though there’s been innovation in the meal kit space over the last several years, the most clear and important customer need has gone unaddressed — affordability,” said CEO and founder Fabian Siegel. “The next step is making easy weeknight cooking accessible to millions more. We are excited and proud to deliver a weeknight cooking solution that doesn’t force customers to choose between convenience, quality, and cost. The average family household cannot afford current meal kit offerings at $10 per portion. Dinnerly is $5 per serving.”

Two dinner options:

• $38.99 per week ($5/serving for three dinners for two adults, plus shipping of $8.99).
• $68.99 per week ($5/serving for three dinners that feeds four adults, plus shipping of $8.99).

Dinnerly will start delivery on the West Coast of the US, starting with California, and will include most of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Idaho, with expansion to other regions expected by the end of 2017.