The new products allow consumers to customize their meals.
IRWINDALE, Calif. – Ready Pac Foods, a business unit of French vegetable producer Bonduelle, is entering the fresh meal category with the introduction of its Fresh Prep’d brand. Products will begin appearing on retail shelves in September and include soup and wrap meal kits.
Tony Sarsam, CEO of Ready Pac

“We saw a great opportunity to diversify the company’s offerings and provide consumers with the convenient meal options they are looking for, especially as sales of products in the perimeter of the grocery store continue to grow,” said Tony Sarsam, CEO. “The new Fresh Prep’d brand falls in line with our overall business strategy to gain market share in the growing fresh prepared foods category beyond salads.”

The new lines were born from research conducted by Ready Pac Foods that showed many meal solution options sold at retail force consumers to compromise between taste, convenience and health.

The soup kits are a first in the 'fresh soup category.' the company said.
The company said the soup kits are the first in the “fresh soup category.” Its point of differentiation is it is a fresh soup prepared by the consumer right before consumption, according to the company. The wrap kits include sauces and vegetables and are available in varieties that have been inspired by the company’s Bistro Bowl line of salads. Consumers can assemble the wraps right before consumption and offer a fully customizable experience with fresh ingredients, Ready Pac Foods said.

“In developing the Fresh Prep’d brand, we wanted to create an easy alternative to lackluster desk lunches and unhealthy fast food,” said Galit Feinreich, CMO. “With more than 75 percent of households in the US purchasing fresh prepared foods, our Fresh Prep’d options enable consumers to have a delicious, healthy and convenient meal at a great value.”