IRWINDALE, Calif. – Bistro Bowl Wrap Kits and Bistro Bowl Chopped Salads – Ready Pac Foods Inc.’s two new product lines – have been rolled out to retailers nationally.

"Our consumers have told us they're looking for more convenient meal options to fill them up without adding calories or compromising flavor,” said Tristan Simpson, Ready Pac's vice president of corporate communications. “Our latest innovation does just that."

Debuting in supermarket shelves nationally this month, each Bistro Bowl Wrap Kit features Ready Pac's signature fresh produce, protein and a tangy sauce – all ready to be wrapped inside an artisan pita. These kits were designed to keep ingredients separate and until the time is right to make them – eliminating the "soggy wrap" issue completely, the company claims. Consumers can customize each fresh wrap just the way they like it.

Bistro Bowl Wrap Kits include:

- Thai Peanut Crunch – Artisan sesame seed tortillas, iceberg and cabbage mix, white chicken, celery, fire-roasted edamame, natural sweet Thai peanut sauce, carrots and red cabbage.

- Garlic & Herb Caesar – Artisan garlic and herb tortillas, Romaine lettuce, white chicken, garlic and parmesan cheese sauce, parmesan-style cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, carrots and red cabbage.

- Turkey Avocado Ranch – Artisan chia seed tortillas, iceberg lettuce, roasted seasoned white turkey meat, avocado ranch sauce, Monterey Jack-Colby cheese, black olives, carrots and red cabbage.

- Buffalo Style Chicken – Artisan chili onion tortillas, iceberg lettuce, white chicken, mild cheddar cheese, fire-roasted corn, shredded carrots, diced celery and spicy Buffalo sauce.

- Chicken Bacon Ranch – Artisan flame-cooked flour tortillas, grape tomatoes, baby lettuce blend, greens, white chicken, ranch sauce, Monterey Jack-Colby cheese, carrots, red cabbage and bacon crumbles.

- Chicken Caesar – Artisan garlic and herb tortillas, white chicken, Romaine lettuce, yogurt Caesar sauce, shredded cheese, carrots and red cabbage.

Expanding on their uber-successful Bistro Salad Bowl line, chopped salads are currently the "in" menu item in restaurants. Ready Pac is delivering three new Bistro Chopped Salad bowl recipes – Chopped Italian, Chopped-Kickin' BBQ and Chopped Kale Apple.

To celebrate the release of these new varieties, the entire Bistro line is revamping its image with new branding and packaging designs.

Ready Pac Bistro Bowl Wrap Kits and Chopped Salads are under 300 calories and selling at a $3.99 SRP.