LAFAYETTE, La. – On-demand food delivery platform, Waitr, has announced the ability to order from any web browser. The web ordering platform at adds convenience to the company’s already successful mobile app. This announcement comes following a $10 million investment by a group of Gulf South-based investors led by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

The web ordering, created to function exactly like the mobile app, especially appeals to offices, large groups and organizations.

"There are no major differences in the way you order, but the experience is optimized for any web browser," platform designer Brady Higginbotham explained in a statement. "In addition, it works in a symbiotic relationship with the app and is exceptionally user friendly."

Chris Meaux, Waitr's CEO and founder, says the expansion of the platform is reflective of ongoing efforts to provide the best service to its customers and increase business for its restaurant partners. "We have a very aggressive growth plan and this is the next logical step in the process. We expect orders to jump an additional 15 percent with the addition of web ordering."

Waitr’s new platform showcases easy-to-use menus, provides status reports that track group orders and offers the ability to complete group orders using multiple devices. Individuals can place their orders separately and the computer and mobile app platforms are completely interchangeable within the same order.

"We're already seeing many people use the Waitr web ordering system in our beta tests while they are at work," said Coco Pahl, Waitr product manager. "We're reaching them at a different point in their day where it's more convenient for them to use the website rather than the app on their phone. What's even more interesting is during our four-week test, we found that the customers ordering from their web browser were people who had never used the Waitr app. We're very excited to attract so many new customers with this platform – and pleased with the new incremental revenue we've seen as a result."

Also, an improved website offers video and other interactive content where you can learn about the Waitr app and how it works, apply for a job or find out how to become a restaurant partner. According to Waitr, it is the only company to include full color photography of every menu item from all participating restaurants.

Waitr was founded in Lake Charles, Louisiana, in 2015, as an on-demand food delivery service and technology platform designed to connect local restaurants and consumers. Available on the internet, iPhone and Android devices, it maintains 2,000 restaurant partners and hundreds of thousands of users across 18 cities and four states.