TAMPA, FLA. – Applied Data Corporation (ADC) has added temperature monitoring and bioengineered food/ingredient tracking and labeling functionality to its fresh item management platform, FreshIQ.  

The temperature monitoring will provide retailers with better visibility into their organization’s food safety protocols through automation. This new platform functionality will reduce labor often required to manually check equipment and record temperatures while also giving retailers 24/7 visibility and alerts. 

“We are excited to launch FreshIQ’s Temperature Monitoring. This was a product innovation driven by ADC’s customers,” said Shamus Hines, ADC’s chief executive officer. “This innovation coupled with FreshIQ’s other food safety features will ensure proper food safety with end-to-end visibility of fresh food items from production to shelf. These innovations help reduce losses often associated with food safety.” 

The new bioengineering functionality within the platform has been released in advance of the USDA’s mandate on properly labeling and identifying products that are bioengineered or contain bioengineered material. As retailers are responsible for being compliant, the new FreshIQ functionality will help make the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard process easier by automating the ingredient tracking and labeling required with the mandate. 

“Bioengineering compliance will be mandated for food retailers next year. Grocers and convenience retailers must be prepared,” said Peter Caito, ADC’s senior vice president of product. “FreshIQ will automate part of the process to help ensure our customers are compliant with the new standard.”