Boston Pizza has upgraded the interior of its urban Toronto location.
Boston Pizza unveiled the company’s urban flagship restaurant.
MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – Boston Pizza, a leading casual dining chain in Canada, plans to re-open a former franchise location as the company’s urban flagship restaurant following an extensive renovation. The restaurant became a company owned unit in 2016.

Calling it the company’s “Restaurant of the Future” Boston Pizza aims to use the store as a showcase of a new contemporary design and the latest in ordering and payment technology. The restaurant, located on Front & John in Toronto, represents the first of 15 new openings of Boston Pizza restaurants in Canada’s urban markets this year.

Highlights of the updated concept include:

  • Modular seating that can be scaled to accommodate groups of every size;
  • A separate entrance for pick-up and grab-and-go orders;
  • Contemporary exteriors that increase brand visibility through cleaner lines and glaze windows;

Boston Pizza unveils the 'Restaurant of the Future'
Boston Pizza aims to expand within downtown markets.
“Boston Pizza is known as Canada’s sports bar where the game is always on and with this new redesign, the digital experience will impress sports fans and families alike,” Helen Langford, senior vice president, Food Services, said in a statement. “Screens of all sizes throughout the restaurant will not only show all the important games, but will also feature local sports content, leader boards and other fun graphics to encourage guests to put down their phones and interact with the restaurant environment. The bright color scheme, use of lighting and contemporary design materials, completely transforms the look and feel of Boston Pizza moving forward.”

Boston Pizza also plans to pilot new order and payment technologies at the urban flagship. Features intended to upgrade the customer experience include:

  • Pay-at-table technology using the MyBP app;
  • DineTime app that allows customers to view wait times at all Boston Pizza locations, get on a waiting list or book reservations; and
  • Courtesy phone charging outlets with USP ports located at table and bars throughout the restaurant.

“Front and John is our first truly urban flagship restaurant and we believe there is a big opportunity for Boston Pizza to expand within downtown markets,” Alan Howie, executive vice president, Operations & Development, said in a statement.

“Many families live in downtown centers, in condos, and are looking for family-friendly restaurants that have something for everyone. In addition, urban areas are natural hubs for those interested in enjoying sporting events. Our dual concept of distinct and approachable sports bar and dining room under one roof is the perfect option.”