Provisur touted its diverse portfolio of technology at this year's IFFA, which included its new PowerMax 4500. 

FRANKFURT, Germany – Provisur Technologies, Chicago, Illinois, showcased its global family of brands and latest slicing and forming technologies at the recent international IFFA event from May 4-9, 2016.

Two styles of forming technology that reflect a range of industry needs and uses were featured at IFFA, including the slide plate-based NovaMax660, and the rotary-style VerTex660. According to Nick Pearson, product manager, the VerTex platform is designed for high-volume processing for long production runs and less-frequent changeovers. That system is able to produce up to 13,000 lbs. of products an hour using a durable and easy-to-clean rotary drum along with servo knockout operation. “Products just fly out of it, day after day after day,” Pearson said.

The NovaMax660 and its slide-plate technology are ideal for processing multiple SKUs of various volumes with quick changeovers at volumes of up to 10,000 lbs. per hour. The servo-controlled dual lobe pump delivers precise filling while ensuring products are handled with care during the pumping process, and its servo knock-out drive operates in lockstep with conveyors to deliver maximum performance. “It’s a solid workhorse,” Pearson said.

IFFA also marked the international debut of Provisur’s powerful new slicing technology, the Formax® PowerMax4500 which was displayed with Provisur’s Multitec® brand overlapper and autoloader. Brian Sandberg, global product manager, said the PowerMax4500 with its patented AccuPower independent product drives and new infeed system can handle up to four logs at a time, slicing each log separately and adjusting the feed rate based on variations of each log. This ensures tighter weight control of each portion, and variances in log lengths can be accommodated within a given slice load which further optimizes yields. During a recent field test, the processor reported yield improvements greater than 3 percent with the PowerMax4500 system. “We’re getting every last slice out of the log,” Sandberg said.

Another hallmark of the PowerMax4500 is the hygienic design, reflected in the system’s safety light curtain that minimizes the amount of mechanical guarding required and is more open and accessible for inspecting and sanitizing. To facilitate easier cleaning, a clean-up mode setting triggers the automatic movement of previously hard-to-reach mechanical components down to eye level. “We not only incorporated the latest in hygienic construction, but we have also included unique features to greatly simplify machine cleaning,” Sandberg said.

“With the new and enhanced slicing and forming systems on display at IFFA, Provisur continues to prove that it delivers integrated technology solutions and expertise that enable our customers to minimize labor and optimize their operations,” Sandberg said.