Panera's bacon is now free of artificial ingredients and sourced from pigs raised without antibiotics or gestation crates.
ST. LOUIS — Panera Bread announced it has switched to bacon that is free of artificial preservatives, flavors, sweeteners and colors from artificial sources, and is sourced from pigs that meet the company’s animal welfare standards regarding confinement and the use of antibiotics. Panera’s new bacon contains six ingredients: pork, water, sea salt, sugar, celery powder and thyme extract.

The change is the latest in a series made by Panera Bread as part of its “No No List” commitment, an endeavor to eliminate dozens of artificial ingredients from the chain’s menu items by the end of 2016.

“Clean bacon is an example of how you can amplify when you simplify,” said Ron Shaich, founder and CEO of Panera Bread.

The new bacon is herb-brined and has a deeper, more complex flavor with the addition of extra applewood smoke, according to the company. Additionally, the bacon, which is 25 percent thicker than before, is now taken out of the oven and served at room temperature rather than stored in the refrigerator, which results in crispier slices. Panera also is now using the broken pieces and trimmings leftover from making bacon strips on its salads, allowing the company to use premium cuts for the crumbles while reducing food waste.